The One Decision That Will Position You In Exactly The Right Niche

Think of your niche as the marketplace position you carve out for yourself.

It’s the positioning that deliberately defines how you’re best at something a specific market (your target clients and buyers) cares a lot about.

The how you’re best is partly your specific blend of experiences, training and talent (that’s why how you tell your story matters), but what truly grabs your audience are the transformational outcomes you create for people like them.

That’s why carving out the right niche for yourself ultimately comes down to one decision: What will you choose to be THE best at?

Without letting any imposter syndrome or misplaced humility get in the way…

Here are a few questions to guide you:

What niche audience do you care so much about that you’re willing to learn everything there is to know about their wants, needs, dreams, desires, fears and challenges?

What area of expertise can you imagine happily working at for years to come that will meaningfully change the lives of your best audience?

What specific challenges and opportunities get you revved up so that you’ll take action, even when it’s hard? Especially when it’s hard?

What kinds of people, problems and situations bring out the best in you?

When can you work in huge chunks of flow, where your best talents are creating transformations that literally make you sing with joy?

Choosing your niche doesn’t have to be an exercise in anxiety, constantly wondering if your tinkering is working.

Just keep taking action towards the market segment that is calling to you.

Match that positioning with a supportive business model and you can make a damned fine living doing what speaks to you.

And isn’t that why you decided to build a business?

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