Spring Cleaning

It’s that time again (Spring comes early here). Our thoughts turn to lightening up and cleaning out.

Apparently, professionals are no exception. Last week, I received more than a few requests to react to on-line personal marketing. From those just dipping a toe into social media to sophisticated pros looking for a fresh perspective.

Some of what came across my virtual desk:

A self-proclaimed social media consultant. Unfortunately, she had a Twitter following of five and a sum total of three posts, all political rants. Her Facebook page gave the same impression.

Or the advisor whose LinkedIn profile showcases an entirely different business model than the one outlined on his website. How likely is it that potential clients will bother to inquire about the discrepancy rather than just move on?

And then there was the consultant/author who sprinkled his Facebook page with salty language and religious ramblings. The kicker? Mean-spirited comments about clients.

Would you hire any of these people?

Are you any of these people?

Before you answer, take a good look at your social media platforms and what they say about you. Are you sending your core (brand) promise consistently?

If not, it may just be time for some Spring cleaning.


  • Wow!
    The stark examples give me pause.
    I make it a point to maintain consistency across ALL platforms, including any the website profile on my Gotham professional network. Sometimes the templates provided — particularly on Facebook and LinkedIn — impose limitations but we can find work-arounds; I did.
    I try to offer consistency in most looks; my business card and email signature use the same color scheme; I am considering extending that look to my website header (same colors as my alma mater but that remains a coincidence more than anything).
    What it all comes down to remains our branding.
    Consistency of message helps that.
    Another thing I am weighing for my website and other platforms involves adding my “six words” to each and, if so, where.
    Since I used my six words — thanks Rochelle, I found it catches people’s attention.

  • Great post Rochelle,

    consistency about who you are and your values is so important. But it also has to be genuine. The last thing I want is to consistently promote who I am in one way and then to have people who meet me realise that it was all PR and not the real me.

    So the third dimension I would add is that it also needs to be who you really are.


  • Thanks for adding to the discussion Corey and Ray. Good points both. And Ray, the biggest problem I have with marketing/PR is when it isn’t genuine. It has to start with truth and your “big idea”–the better place your client is in after you’ve worked with them. By being both genuine and “other-focused”, (as well as consistent) we consultants can be unstoppable.

  • It’s hard to keep up your work when doing that of others, but I agree, definitely should be a higher priority for those claiming to be experts in those fields!

    I’m working to build mine back up with jacklyncremer.com (marketing, resume site) and http://www.snappyshotkc.wordpress.com (photography) as they had gone sorely out of date!

    It took a while but it’s so much fun to build up your own personal brand—and I’m hoping it will help with the job search as it did last time. (Know of any marketing jobs for ~1-2 years of experience?)

    Love the site, you keep your topics so basic but helpful—I wish I was as succinct and purposeful with my words as you (in this comment & in life! )

  • Welcome Jacklyn and thanks for sharing! “Snappyshot” is a great concept. It brings happy, peppy, fun photos to mind–I like it! On the jobs front, have you tried LInkedIn? Some of the PR/marketing groups have regular job postings for 1-2 years experience…..

  • Thanks for this helpful post. I’m engaged in spring cleaning myself and I’m afraid of making some of these mistakes. I’m not social media pro, so these posts really help. Keep them coming!

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