P.U.M.P. You Up

Take a tip from Hans and Franz (remember them?)—and spend the summer getting pumped. But not your muscles, we’re talking P.U.M.P.—your Personal Unforgettable Marketing Plan.

P is for personal. No matter the firm name on your business card, people connect with you. They buy because they know (and like and respect) you. So make sure your approach reflects your authentic style. Quiet and studious? You may have to stretch a bit to connect, but do it in quiet, studious ways—you’re not trying to be the Jon Stewart of your specialty.

U is for unforgettable. If you really want to make an impact, you’ve got to make it personal, compelling and, well…unforgettable. This isn’t about spending a king’s ransom. It’s about aligning your stories, your actions and your visuals with your truest, best self. See “P” above.

M is for marketing. Which is often a euphemism for sales when you’re in the professional services. In P.U.M.P., it means both. You want to give prospects and referral sources targeted, highly helpful information. You want to demonstrate the benefits of working with you. And deliver it all in a highly personal, unforgettable style.

P is for plan. Write it down. This is your business—it’s not the place to be sloppy. Simple is best. Who has time for complicated plans and spreadsheets? And being accountable matters—three meetings a week means three meetings a week. Every week.

How about getting P.U.M.P.ed this summer?

p.s. Happy Independence Day! Back to you on July 11…


  • Hi Rochelle, I’ve been a loyal reader of your posts for many months, now, albeit quietly. Well, I am “out” now and I love you for this post, just what I needed for the summer… All the best 2 u …Mike

  • I really like this and try to allocate work day time for networking, meetings and communications. I’ve found Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter provide additional opportunities to stay in touch with prospects. I also maintain “groups” where I send information I receive of interest to targeted audiences. Sometimes my summers get taken up by professional projects of the season; not clear yet if this becomes a quiet year; we’ll see.

  • Welcome Mike–thanks for “stopping by”!

    Corey–should I wish you a busy summer or a quiet one to get ready for the 2012 campaigns?

    Happy 4th to you both….

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