On Being Picked

I can still vividly recall the moment when a boss—think snarky, entitled despot—decided to pitch a screaming hissy fit.  (I was hard at work on Plan B when he got himself fired instead. Karma, baby, karma.)

So it’s his face that popped up like Freddie Krueger in my head when I read Seth Godin’s piece on being picked. 

You own the power to be picked. Not some critic, not Charlie Rose or Oprah or an editor at your dream media outlet. You.

You get to define your best work.

You get to decide who deserves to experience it.

You get to pick the platform.

You get to build the business model that will let you thrive.

How thrilling is that?

There has never been another time in history when literally anyone, from anywhere, at any time can hatch an idea that will change the world.

This is not the time to shy away.

Read Seth’s piece. And ask yourself. Am I waiting for a gatekeeper to anoint my work or am I doing the picking?

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  • Rochelle,
    I read Seth’s blog and got the same reaction. Our success or lack of it rests in our hands. What we do determines who we become.

    Thanks for this. You are always on track with making us think beyond the now.


    • Rochelle

      Thanks Ed–I just had to piggy-back on Seth this week. If even one person will take a risk on themselves, it will have been worth it!

  • I did / have taken the risk. Time, perserverance and committment will determine the results. Good luck will also be accepted.

  • I believe people take risks all the time at work. They just don’t realize they are doing it. Part of my job is to get people to recognize the accomplishments they make, the successes they create, when they’re taking those risks and to take more strategic risks. Reality is no one will hand you success. You have to reach for it and keep reaching until you have a good hold of it.

  • “If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many pecks of pickled
    peppers could Peter Piper pick?” So, in this famous tongue twister we are lead to believe the picking had yet to have begun. However, the question is rendered moot unless he starts picking. And in the end it really didn’t matter how many he picked, rather that he did pick them. The difference between those who
    succeed in life, and those that don’t, is quite simple. Those that succeed never stop picking for themselves. They don’t live in ‘if.’ They live in ‘when.’

  • Never before do we have the tools within our means to “control” our engagements. Used to be only a few had real options. Technology and the ability to use it empowers people as never before. Does not mean you need to understand tech; just need to embrace it and its use. You can engage a tekkie to help you express your mission. Tech just levels the playing field.

  • Rochelle,

    I love seeing people outdo themselves and the thoughts of others. I once had a boss that told me that it would take me five years to learn his job and succeed. Five months later he was let go. I was blessed with the opportunity to start my adventure. It has been painful, challenging and extremely rewarding.


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