Market Like A Kardashian?

The Kardashians are quite possibly the most annoying, superficial and self-absorbed clan (and brand) on the planet. Being called “the Kardashian of your industry” is probably not a compliment.

And yet.

Most of us have highly successful Kardashianesque competitors. Brash, cocky, and convinced they have been annointed by their followers, they promote themselves and their “stuff” (ideas, services, products) assuming their audience hangs on their every word. You however, hear their messages like fingernails on a blackboard.

And yet.

You’d love a slice of the media attention and financial rewards that come their way.

Let’s agree that you are not interested in becoming self-absorbed, crass or an intellectual lightweight. Are there insights you can pull from the Kardashians? I see three.

Possess—and project—an unshakeable faith in your value. If you’re not there yet, forget promoting yourself and go work on your services (and/or your self-confidence) until you are certain—down to your shoelaces—that you’re better than the competition.

Know your tribe and why they love you. Your tribe is your core: your best clients, your favorite idea-spreaders, your posse. Figure out why they respond to you (asking works) and be relentlessly true to your essential ideas and values. Avoid detours, even if highly lucrative (note to self: don’t position a marriage for ratings as a fairy tale romance).

Make every second count. Say what you will about her, Kim Kardashian is always working. Nightclub appearance? Paid. Fashion show? Research for Sears clothing line. Trip to Australia? Press junket for a new handbag line. Integrating your passions into your work (and vice versa) can make you unstoppable.

Will “market like a Kardashian ” become your new mantra? Let’s hope not. But a touch of Kardashian might be just what you need.


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