Making Mojo (But Not The Way You Think)

Have you noticed how hard it is—in the bowels of summer’s dog days—to get clients to return calls, take action, get serious?

It’s like trudging through mud.

Nothing’s happening. You get frustrated (or anxious), trying to stir up some mojo.

The secret?


Give in to the summer.

Your calls will get returned next week, probably in an urgent frenzy. So instead—with this last bit of summer, indulge. Chill. Revel in what’s fleeting:

Ice cream. Sugar cone, maybe even some chocolate sprinkles. Let it drip down the cone and lap it up.

Hammock, beach chair or chaise, armed with your favorite naughty read. Glass of fresh-brewed iced tea, real sugar, lemon and mint.

Basically anything on a beach: building sand castles, throwing Frisbee with your dog, clamming, napping under the umbrella.

A round of mini-golf with your pals. Or big golf, on a course with a drop-dead view.

An escape to the country. Lazy bike ride, hike in the canyon, hayride, horses in the meadow, picnic.

Barbeque. Need I say more? Nothing beats a little fire and smoke (and vinegar and molasses).

Outdoor concerts with the perfect moveable feast, neighborhood festivals (Rib Fest anyone?) or a run with your summer play list.

Baseball, hot dogs, cold beer, popcorn. They don’t have to win for you to have a good time (I’m a Cubs fan, I know this to be true).

Surfboard, Jet Ski, paddleboard, water skis—or jumping into the old swimming hole. Just get wet. Completely, joyously wet.

Got it?

Pick one item from the list and do it today. And every day after until you’ve packed the last possible bit of summer in.

Because you deserve it.

Let me know how it goes.

p.s. I’ll be back here, still making mojo, on September 10


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  • First off enjoy. Your email lead (This one’s for you) induced me to think about this song.
    When you have political races and the main event is 9/13 (it’d have been 9/11 but this year that 2nd Tuesday in September was deemed inappropriate), sometimes the clients (and others do call). But yes, I have noticed and enjoyed the quiet through much of August. I took in four concert the week before last (8/12-18); (the third) one was free (Gladys Knight & The Commodores in Coney Island); the second one featured a rock icon (Al Kooper) in a small club; the first one involved a bit of a schlep and the inclusion of the lowest billed performer is what made the concert (Johnny Winter; The Edgar Winter Band; Rick Derringer {anyone remember Hang On Sloopy} and Kim Simmonds from Savoy Brown) for me; the last concert was The Doobie Brothers with original member Tom Johnston back in the fold and Chicago (They played a six song encore set together!). Weather permitting, there’ll be a weekend BBQ featuring some fine fare and a season – ending Labor Day party at our “pool club” including a fine concert by my favorite cover band (The Wray Band).
    I also find this time useful in terms of planning how to grow the client base (that includes getting some existing one to go in for more.
    For me music provide a lot of energy that helps me re-charge.

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