Finding Your Voice On-Line

Finding your voice is an art form.

And like great art (and artists), it’s rarely the first effort that winds up as masterpiece.

So the trick is—to start.

Yes, have a clear point of view. And yes, know exactly who you’re writing or speaking for.

But start.

In the beginning, it may feel odd. Is anyone really listening? (My first blog post in 2009 got all of 10 reads).

Instead, let that inspire you to take some risks. To entice your best audience to come on over and give you a look-see. Like Jeff McKay, the marketing consultant who wrote about big-firm lessons from the installation of a new Pope. Mixing religion and business? Gutsy (and successful for his best audience).

Sometime the big risk isn’t controversy, but simply opening your mouth to share deeply-felt opinions. Like the banking consultant who started a LinkedIn posting program and found himself with 13 new industry and media connections on Day 1 alone.

If you struggle with owning your own deliciously wonderful self, try channeling yourself some Erika Lyremark over at Daily Whip. How’s that for using your story to connect to your audience?

Just remember, even Adele had to start somewhere.

Go ahead. Start warming up your vocal cords.

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  • Of course you select Adele….as best I observe her from afar, she compromised not at all. She sells mega numbers; most others sell the thousands based on what information gets reported. It says so much about her art that she reaches many millions while other so-called big names reach considerably smaller audiences.

    I find creating inspiring, energy-building, something that releases adrenalin. It ranges from conceiving a law or policy, fleshing it out, developing a strategy to advance either, or a client (public official or “wannabe”) or client project, securing recognition (endorsements) or even a kind word (the feedback on my latest business card that involved a layout markedly different from what I used the last decade.

    It can also involve my non-profit involvements, especially when it includes improving messaging.

    Also enjoy sharing comments with others. A networking friend sharing his revamped website a few days back; he invited comments; I decided to offer some; we ran into each other in the parking lot on the way to the “mega-meeting of our network’s four CT groups; he made a point of thanking me; I will certainly look at the site in the near future….

  • Rochelle

    Isn’t she just amazing? I chose her quite intentionally 🙂 Thanks for your examples of finding your voice Corey!

  • You find the most interesting ways to get your point across. I read / listened to both Jeff & Erika. I must say Erika gets her point across well as do you.

  • Part of our charm Ed 🙂 Yes, Erika has a unique approach and her candor is completely refreshing. Jeff also took a big risk with his audience and I admire that too!

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