Courting The Big Kahuna

No matter what your expertise and boldest dreams, there is someone (hopefully several someones) you look up to–your big kahuna. A star in your world for whom you’d happily give up chocolate for life if it meant you could chat once in awhile. An endorsement from them would be mind-blowing.

Most of us fall into one of two camps. We read or watch them from afar, not quite confident enough to do more. Or, we are overly presumptuous and manage to tick them off by requests we have not earned the right to ask.

How about another approach?

I challenge you to make a list of all the big kahunas who could rock your world. This is not the time to think small.

Once you have conjured up some amazing talent, you can narrow the list. Who most excites you? Or scares you (in a good way)? Pick your top three and go to work. Google them, check out their websites, social media profiles and articles by and about them.

Don’t stop until you really understand what makes them tick—their point of view, their favorite causes, hobbies, what makes their heart beat faster.

Who speaks to you best?

Without becoming a stalker, devise a plan to reach them. Engage them on Twitter, send them an email (don’t forget snail mail), go hear them speak. The key is not to ask for anything, but to give. To engage. To create a small spark that may lead to something more.

Give of yourself because you can and because you want to. Even big kahunas like gifts.

Who is your big kahuna?


  • Thank you! Just what I needed today since I’m in the frame of mind to think BIG!!!

  • Big Kahunas eh?

    For me they’re people like Michael Neill a fellow coach who is unique, Paul Azinger a PGA professional and broadcaster who always speaks his voice, and a few others.

    I like these two gentlemen for different reasons. The common denominator is they’re not trying to be something that they’re not.

  • Jeff McKay

    Great post, Rochelle. Like Marcelino wrote, “…think BIG!!!” Thanks for opening the space to imagine.

  • Marcelino, Steve and Jeff–Thanks for adding to the conversation! Steve, I think you nailed it–we are usually drawn to the “big kahunas” who feel authentic, real, engaged. I love Seth Godin and Danielle LaPorte for that very reason….

  • This one might prove dangerous. In my chosen, semi-2nd career field (or might it just be the private sector version of what I did in the public sector — often how I describe it), not anyone i lack access to. The best analogy for me involves some adaption. Perhaps he next level or bigger fish client. I rep a public transit union in NYC; maybe I aim for another larger one locally, or the international of the local. The bigger client rather than the bigger professional works for me as something to plan for (hate to use “scheme for” as I often use it as a pejorative).

  • Rachel Borsch

    Diana Eck for sure, thanks for the inspiration~

  • Hi Corey, How great that there are even bigger worlds to conquer! Thanks for stopping by…..

  • Rachel–Go for it! Let me know how you make out 🙂

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