Are You Ready To Be A Bono?

The difference between an “average” authority and a rock star expert is like the difference between your neighborhood accountant and Bono.

Being Bono is pretty sweet. I mean hey—he’s a rock star!

He creates what speaks to him and fans line up to buy it. He has his pick of venues and tour dates and plays with world-class band mates. He’s an activist who supports his heartfelt causes. And yes, he gets paid like a rock star.

Wouldn’t you rather be a Bono?

I thought so.

That’s why I’ve created my new Instant Authority course (more on that in two days) and filmed this video for you.

It’s not a sales pitch—it’s a mini-class where I begin teaching you how to build your own brand of authority.

Because your road to rock stardom will be uniquely your own.

Go ahead—invest 15 minutes in yourself and your success.

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