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Eight Reasons You Need To Become An Authority

When I left the big boys to start my first firm, I made the decision to continue to court the dozen or so mega companies where I had built strong relationships. It was a calculated investment since my two-year non-compete … Continue reading

Your Brand Of Authority

Have you ever scratched your head at a “celebrity” in your industry, trying to figure out how he/she grabs so much client or media attention? Case in point: pretty much every financial advisor I’ve ever met has a love/hate relationship … Continue reading

Five Styles Of Personal Brand Authority

Personal brand authority: when you’re recognized as a leading expert by your sweet-spot clients and buyers. What’s it buy you? Instant credibility. Which gives you the power to influence—and often to lead—the conversation in your niche. Your ideas get aired … Continue reading

Instant Authority: We’re Live!

I’m thrilled to announce that Instant Authority is now open. I’ve built this course to teach you how to parlay your talents, experiences and point of view into a one-of-a-kind platform that delivers Instant Authority. Every bit has been field-tested … Continue reading

Are You Ready To Be A Bono?

The difference between an “average” authority and a rock star expert is like the difference between your neighborhood accountant and Bono. Being Bono is pretty sweet. I mean hey—he’s a rock star! He creates what speaks to him and fans … Continue reading

Are You An Instant Authority?

A few days ago, I told you about the catalyst for building my own authority platform. But what is an “authority platform” exactly? Think of it like this: it’s what you do to sell your services, books and products. And … Continue reading

Building Your Authority Platform

I was 26 when my career changed forever. A new law passed that completely upended how our clients handled health care—and as the junior consultant, I was selected to become the “expert” in our Chicago office. I pored over hundreds … Continue reading