2 Ways To Kick-Start Your Summer

We’re just at the real start—at least in the northern hemisphere—of true summer. The kick off your shoes, go to the beach, grab a lemonade and lounge chair part of summer.

Can you use this time to grow your personal brand AND your business? Of course you can…

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2 Responses to 2 Ways To Kick-Start Your Summer

  1. SallyE says:

    Hi Rochelle! I hope taking the summer off for RochelleTV still leaves you time to read these comments. I love the two ideas you came up with, and I’m going to alternate between them.

    I’ve already learned that if I go too long and hard setting up my new business, I eventually run out of steam and become frustrated and overwhelmed. So I rescheduled doing biz-building work 3 times a week, full out. Then, I do things for me on alternate days. It works for me.

    Looking forward to your digital kit coming in the fall. Thanks for your excellent summer tips!

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