You’re Brilliant, So Why Does It Feel Like Nobody Else Got The Memo?

Have you ever had the feeling that you’d be the perfect fit for a particular sort of client and they just don’t seem to hear you?

Maybe it’s when you’re looking at your email unsubscribes and asking “Really—that guy in my sweet-spot just unsubscribed?”

Or when you’re talking to a client with your kind of mess on their hands—and they aren’t willing to engage with you to solve it?

Sure both those scenarios happen for reasons out of your control (and you don’t want to waste time sweating those details).


If your sweet-spot clients and buyers are consistently saying no, something is out of alignment and it’s worth getting the clarity to fix it.

They aren’t really in your sweet-spot (now).

We are wired to solve problems and move mountains—but not every buyer is ready to put in the work to move their mountain.

Sometimes, they just want to find a new way over the hill. And if that’s not how you deliver your best outcomes, they are not the client for you.

The key to not hitting your head against the wall in that situation is to quickly identify the bad fits in your sales conversations—and close out your meetings like a pro.

Ironically, those bad fits (for now) may see your brand of brilliance quite clearly—and even stay in touch because they know one day they’ll be ready for you.

You’re not being clear on who/how you help.

Take a look at the landing page on your website. Is it crystal clear the exact people you help and the problems you solve?

Or, have you avoided committing to a niche and the single transformation your work produces? That muddy copy isn’t doing you any favors.

When you’re getting the wrong fits over and over again, that’s a clue that you’ve got a messaging problem that needs fixing.

Be brave—narrow your message and focus on your very best clients and buyers.

Your clients love you, but no one else knows you exist.

Maybe you’ve built a solid business serving a handful or two of happy clients one-to-one.

That’s great if you can meet your vision for the business—but if you want a regular pipeline of new clients or time off to build something else? Not so much.

It’s a sign that it’s time to invest in becoming known for your expertise—in building your authority.

That means nailing down your sweet-spot, committing to it publicly and regularly making an “appearance” (email, articles, podcast, video, speaking) in front of your people.

Because there’s no question you have a particular brand of brilliance to offer.

You just have to stake your claim and keep building on your patch of real estate.

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