How We Roll

Today we answer a listener question about how we each break down the hours we spend on (vs. in) our businesses and how we fit in the “big, leveling up initiatives”.

Jonathan and I share how we invest time in our various business-building exercises and the decisions we make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly:

Just as we have each built our own systems to produce our desired outcomes, there is no one perfect model of working.

Conscious experimenting—with your ultimate vision firmly in mind—will help you master how to best invest your business building time.

Why when you find your sweet-spot, “work” doesn’t have to feel like work.

How pivoting from serving clients day-to-day to high-level advisory or teaching (books, courses, speaking) shifts how you spend your time.


“I don’t think about it consciously on a weekly basis. It’s something I think about at the beginning of the year..what’s going to be my strategy for the coming year?”—JS

“What happens for a lot of people is we get caught in the weeds. Like how am I going to get through this week with client deliverable X?”—RM

“Did you hear what my schedule looks like? I don’t need a vacation.”—JS

“I want work to be fun.”—RM

“Slack is my social media…I know that it’s not going to be a cesspool of doom scrolling.”—JS

“When you’re doing what you love, you can do it for as long as you want to.”—RM

“Podcasting became much more important because it serves a similar purpose to speaking at conferences. They’re not exactly the same of course, but bang for the buck wise, podcasting is a lot more my speed these days.”—JS

“Who do you want to give pride of place in your head to…what is it that you want to write about and talk about and teach them?”—RM

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