Why You Want To Create First

Giving yourself quiet space—idle time without distractions—is critical to creative thinking. But our knee-jerk reaction is so often to consume content instead of sitting in that uncomfortable silence…

Jonathan and I tackle why creating before consuming is so powerful—and how to create the systems and outlets that prime you to create what you need for your business:

Why the intersection of idle time, an outlet and a deadline is exactly what you need to build content for your expertise business (and authority for you).

The importance of mindset and how to keep yours working FOR you as you go about growing your business.

Giving yourself some guardrails to develop great content efficiently—without putting a damper on your creativity.

How to get out of your own way so you can release your personal genius for other people to benefit from.


“It’s pretty common for non-business things to creep in (to coaching) and be obstacles. And a lot of them have to do with internal monologue stories.”—JS

“We all have our own internal hurdles to leap over. And you have to understand what those are.”—RM

“I feel a lot worse when I’m in a waiting room, exposed to a TV for 90 minutes.”—JS

“When you have a deadline and some idle time or some free space in your brain, things happen.”—RM

“If you just want to be recognized as the go-to person, as the expert for your area of expertise, then you need to be producing content. It’s probably a great rule of thumb to be producing content regularly.”—JS

“You’re not just writing to write or have a podcast to hear yourself talk. It’s about figuring out what you want to share. How are you going to get your audience to the transformations that you promise?”—RM

“The best thing about daily writing is it makes you better. It makes you smarter. It makes your insights deeper. It differentiates you because you have new ideas or old ideas framed in radically new ways.“—

“The important thing is that we get out of our own way as much as we can and put that genius that each of us have out in the world for other people to benefit from.”—RM


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