Your Vision Is Just Too Small: Why It’s Time To Expand Your Thinking

Remember your goals for this year? Pull them out. Go ahead, I’ll wait. 😎

If you’re like most soloists, your income goals were probably something like: grow my revenue by 20%, tweak profit a little higher, pay myself a little more, yada, yada, yada.

What else was on your goal sheet? Starting a podcast, growing your email list, adding a productized service, digging down into a niche?

While those are all worthy goals on the surface (you’d probably feel pretty good if you hit them), are they serving your biggest vision for your business and yourself?

Not if you want to triple or quadruple or even 10X your earnings. Not if you want to lead a revolution. And definitely not if you want to lead yourself to the super-sized level of success you’ve only dared to dream about.

What do I mean by “super-sized level of success”?

It’s what you want—more than anything else—to do, be and have from your business and your life.

BTW—there is no wrong answer and anyone who judges you for it is just trying to put Baby in a corner.

But here’s the challenge: what got you here is not going to get you there.

Let’s say you’ve built a business executing for clients, but envision a calmer, gentler life of advisory work earning high six figures or even seven.

Well, the skills that you tapped to become a brilliant executor don’t matter so much anymore. You can Marie Kondo those right out the door (gratefully letting them go).

You’ve got to change and grow.

Not just to your 2.0 self, but with your 10.0 self firmly in your vision.

Why do you want to do this now?

Because almost the second you commit to that bigger, probably equally terrifying and oh-so-enticing goal, your way forward becomes a heck of a lot clearer.

You can see what you need to stop doing and the resources and allies you need to gather for your next move.

So yes, congratulate yourself sincerely for your 20% growth. And set your sights firmly on what you need to do to build your super-sized version of success.

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