The Mid-Year Assessment

You’re half-way through the year—are you on track to finish the year with the results you’d planned?

Giving yourself a mid-year assessment is pretty much always worthwhile as a pause to not only see, but feel how you’re doing.

Jonathan and I dive into conducting your mid-year review:

Why it’s about more than just your revenue/profit lines (even though they are pretty darned important).

Another way to look at your revenue growth or lack thereof (hint: it involves what you enjoy doing most).

How to decide how well (or not) your strategic and tactical moves are working.

A host of tactics to grow your top line revenue and have more fun doing it.

Stepping back and looking not just at your business but how well it’s integrating with the rest of your life and vice versa.


“There are only two numbers I track on a regular basis. One is newsletter subscribers—and related to that, the open rate.”—JS

“My satisfaction rating is just a totally subjective rating of how much fun this has been. And am I enjoying the ride even when it’s hard?”—RM

“I have a pivot table in my budget projections for my revenue projections that splits out the mix of hard stuff versus easy stuff.”—JS

“If it’s a tactic and it’s been six months, that’s a reasonable amount of time to decide it’s working or it’s not working.”—RM

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