Riding The AI Wave

You’ve read the hype about AI and may have formed an opinion—pro or con—about what it means for your business.

But if you’ve yet to experiment with it for your authority business, Jonathan and I make the case for giving it a try right now:

The power and potential of AI for authority businesses, even in use cases where pundits insist it will decimate business models.

Some of the new tools (that you can use right now) that innovators are developing for experts, authorities and soloists.

Why using AI for first drafts may be the immediate best use of AI for experts and authorities.

New uses of AI in the authority space: automated transcription, voice replication and first-draft content generation from tweets and hashtags to turning podcasts into book drafts.

The potential of AI to leverage your soloist business, including taking tasks you used to pay for or do yourself off your plate entirely.


“It’s like this thing you can see on the horizon. And it’s like, are you going to paddle out and ride it or just stay on the beach, nice and comfy?”—JS

“I don’t have to be a tech bro to figure this out…this is achingly simple.”—RM

“The power of that (AI) for someone who is trying to lead a revolution or spread a big idea or lead a mission—especially a soloist—it’s jaw-dropping.”—JS

“It’s dangerous to be resistant to new ideas. Doesn’t mean you’re going to embrace them ever, but just being flat out resistant usually is not a great long-term strategy for your business.”—RM

“Let’s say that it takes half of your time to do first drafts, and you could increase your productivity by like, say, double. And you could take on twice as many clients working the same amount of time as you currently work.”—JS

“This is about getting a first draft. As a writer…your client doesn’t care where it came from. What they care about is that it works for their brand or their campaign, or whatever they’re hiring you to do.”—RM

“It’s kind of like I have a first drafter, like an intern type of employee who understands my stuff and can do a good first pass.”—JS

“If I can get clients to something that is going to cut the amount of time they spend and increase their profits, hello! I want that at the top of my list for my practice.”—RM



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