Your Ideal Clients Will Tell You What They Want If You Let Them

We were FINALLY going to see an old friend who was passing through town—our first real visit since 2019.

The hubby was emailing with her, wanting to take her to one of his favorite outdoor patio restaurants to give her the full Palm Springs experience.

But each time, she’d politely mention how much more she’d prefer an at-home lunch where we could comfortably talk and laugh and even shed a few tears over the last year’s losses.

When he came to me, disappointed that his suggestions weren’t being met with more enthusiasm, I pointed out that she was telling him EXACTLY what she wanted.

And he could give that gift to her or keep trying to convince her his way was better.

The penny dropped and we happily planned the perfect lunch at our place.

Our ideal clients—and even most product buyers—aren’t any different.

They tell us—if we let them—what they want their outcomes to be. Their hopes, their dreams, their pet peeves, their challenges—they’ll share them all if we ask and remain open to hearing what they have to say.

Then, we can give them what they want with the least amount of friction.

Or we can try and convince them to want something else.

Guess where the odds are?

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