Wondering Why Your Guest Article Submissions Are Going Into A Black Hole?

Have you ever wondered why some of your guest article submissions went into a black hole?

Sure, I could tell you some stories, but let’s go with some data.

Content marketer Influence & Co surveyed 153 editors to find out more about the types of content they were interested in.

But what caught my eye was why they typically reject contributed content. The #1 reason (48%)? It was promotional.

Frankly, that’s an easy fix and typically not the problem with true authority-building contributors.

But their #2 reason (20%) might give you pause: the piece contained “unoriginal insights”.

Let that sink in for a sec. The #2 reason content is declined is because the insights were not deemed original.

There’s a fix for this too, but it’s not quite as simple as removing a few promotional statements.

It requires thought leadership, which means positioning your insights in a way that adds to the conversation vs. simply repeating what’s already out there.

It’s harder than tossing off a quick piece, but essential if you want your point of view to get an airing…

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