Addicted To Being Busy

You might be addicted to being busy if you feel ______ (insert your word here: lazy, guilty, anxious) whenever you’re not 100% fully occupied during your work hours.

But what if you replaced being casually “busy” with a focused strategy and tactics to grow your business—and maybe even some time off?

Jonathan and I talk about how to swap the sometimes mindless activity that eats up hours with intentional, productive moves:

Tackling the mindset that says you must be constantly busy or you’re not worthy of success.

Busyness as a form of procrastination—and what to do instead.

Why defining a clear goal and strategy (with pre-planned tactics) can help you side step unfocused busyness.

The joys of creating leverage—and what to do with the time you’ve freed up.

How intentional, goal-based action will naturally identify the most high impact moves to grow your business.


“When you actually get productive instead of just busy, you’re producing better output with less input.”—JS

“There is busyness that is not productive in some way or creative, but that is really designed to take up space—it keeps you from facing decisions you need to make.”—RM

“Strategy is what helps you understand the difference between an opportunity and a distraction.”—JS

“Not checking or responding to email constantly really changed my life.”—RM

“How do you get productive instead of busy?”—JS

“Putting some limits on what you do in a day helps to improve productivity and outcomes.”—RM

“If you find that you can’t eliminate the busyness, you have to ask yourself: what’s going on here? Am I hooked on it? Is it some kind of worldview? Is it my identity? Do I believe deep down that if I’m not toiling all at all times, then I’m a bad person?” —JS

“If you recognize that maybe there’s a little addiction going on with your busyness, before you start to shift gears, just stop and breathe for a moment and just ask: is this the best thing for me to be doing next?”—RM

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