What If Your World Was Breathlessly Awaiting Your New Thing?

Monday morning I parked myself on-line to watch Apple’s livestream unveiling their new MacBook Pro.

Full disclosure: I never watch these events. I’m normally content to hear about it after the Technorati has made their assessment and even then I don’t pay very close attention.

But this time, I was—majorly—in the market for a new Mac. I’d been nursing my old one along, praying it would last until the new release (the new features being teased out seemed worth the wait).

So I watched the livestream. And just for fun, I kept another tab open to see how quickly they’d update their site to accept orders…

Within 60 seconds after the end of the livestream, the swanky new models popped up.

And, since I’d been forewarned about supply chain problems, I immediately started clicking to get my order in.

The website didn’t crash—hey, we’re talking Apple here—but it took over 30 minutes before I could log off, even though I knew exactly what I wanted.

I kept wondering—how many people around the world are actively running through the Apple site right now, placing orders on launch day?

And then I started thinking about how fabulous it is to have a line of people, credit cards in hand, competing to buy your stuff.

Just imagine if your world—not the entire universe, just your slice of it—was breathlessly awaiting your new thing.

What if you were so attuned to your people (and had a tight Authority Circle to help reach even more) that your next launch was an instant success? How would that change your business and your life?

The beauty here is that you can reverse engineer this kind of success and it’s not even rocket science.

You don’t have to worry about the entire world like Apple. You just have to earn attention in your niche with your people.

If you’ve never launched before, you can start small. If you’ve already launched small, you can ramp up to something bigger. The key is to begin.

Because until you put yourself, your services and your products out for sale, you’ll never get the priceless feedback that allows you to keep iterating to great.

If you need a visual, imagine your people chomping at the bit to enter their credit card and hit BUY.

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