Leveling Up Your Systems

In our 200th episode, we replayed some of our favorite guest clips and one quote in particular continues to resonate: “We do not rise to the level of our goals. We fall to the level of our systems.”—James Clear

Ain’t that the truth? Especially when we have a big aspirational goal that our current systems aren’t supporting. This week Jonathan and I dive deep into how to level up your systems to support those larger projects, like, say writing a book or building out a course:

A new way to think about big projects based on how you work best—and the value of absolute clarity with your plan.

What happens when you fall into flow on a big project that needs room to breathe.

The unintended consequences of changing your environment.

How to find the system(s) that will work for you—and why you don’t need to worry if they look entirely different than what works for someone else.

Adopting the mindset of a creator—and aligning it with your daily habits.


“It’s as if you’re going into battle, but you’re going to battle against yourself.”—RM

“I felt like I was on this path that I had wanted to be on for so long and I was finally doing it. So it was its own energy source.”—RM

“I left this environment where I had lots of uninterrupted time. Switched to an environment where I’m interrupted all the time and didn’t recognize or take into consideration the effect that would have on things that I already had in motion.”—JS

“I don’t want to stop. I want to just keep it, once you get into the zone and get over that resistance, fear, and you’re in the zone, it’s like a drug.”—JS

“Once you have the boundary, you can all work with and around the boundary. But if it’s not set, we’re not going to work around it.”—RM

“The thing that does motivate me is streaks and being able to tick off a check box next to the thing I was supposed to do today.”—JS

“We all deserve to be able to carve out a space to produce this kind of work. It goes with the authority space.”—RM

“It’s a big undertaking and it’s not something that you can just imagine is going to work itself out.”—JS

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