Designing Your Authority Circle

What do you suppose is one of the most important factors in selling your authority? It’s the relatively small—but highly pivotal—group of people in your Authority Circle.

Jonathan and I dive into this topic (Chapter 8 of my upcoming book, The Authority Code: How To Position, Monetize and Sell Your Authority) and discuss:

What’s an Authority Circle and why you need one.

The role of your rat pack, apostles and tribal leaders and how to enlist them in your cause.

Earning apostles for your work and connecting with influential tribal leaders

How selling your authority becomes more focused and simple once you clearly identify your circle.

How to think about your Authority Circle and enlist them in spreading your vision, even if you’ve always thought of them as competitors.


“It’s a wild process, writing a book. It’s a marathon for sure.”—JS

“The big problem that an authority circle solves is you have somebody else working on your behalf all the time.”—RM

“A good friend will bail you out of jail. A great friend will be in jail with you.”—JS

“Apostles are the people who are spreading the word on your vision, the revolution you’re seeing for the world, because they believe.”—RM

“The thing with the apostles that is different than super fans is apostles will occasionally challenge you in a good, polite, constructive way.”—JS

“You’re looking for a way to take what you know, and apply it to the tribal leader’s specific audience.”—RM

“If you’re really thinking about making a big cultural change, you better have these apostles and tribal leaders who at least partially agree with the mission, if not wholeheartedly.”—JS

“When you have your authority circle, what you’re doing in a very small but important way is that you’re connecting; you’re building connective tissue with all these different people and they’re going to help you.”—RM

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