The Power Of Loyalty (And A Little Good Buzz)

Almost a year ago, I wrote this post about the distinctly different positions that three local restaurants took during the pandemic.

I pretty much figured Restaurant #3—who closed their doors with barely a goodbye—was a goner.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Turns out that while they were radio silent, they were busily remodeling their facilities AND paying every single employee for almost a year.

That word of mouth buzz brought their loyal clientele back when they re-opened and there is now a wait time of weeks—yes, weeks—for a table on their expanded patio.

Now I’m not saying they were smart to stop communicating. Imagine if they had kept us all up to date—it might have been a MONTHS long wait for a table.

But there is a moral of this story that also applies to building authority.

Just because you slip off the screen for a while doesn’t mean you lose everything you’ve already built.

Especially if you come back with something even better…

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