How To Make Selling Your Authority Come Naturally

Is selling a necessary evil or a natural prelude to building your authority business?

Pro tip: it’s whichever you decide it is.

Which is why I always vote for the latter—why not make something that essential flow as easily as the work you love?

It’s not about being a cock-eyed optimist, but discovering the specific selling approach that optimizes your talents and passions in service of your ideal audience.

Notice how I used selling and service in the same sentence?

Yep, that’s the “secret” to selling expertise (you’re welcome 😉).

It’s finding that natural intersection where your style dovetails perfectly with the needs of your ideal clients and buyers.

If you’re struggling to identify that sweet-spot, try these three actions to dial into yours.

Stay focused on your ideal clients + buyers. While this seems intuitively obvious, it’s a challenge if you haven’t done the work to get exquisitely clear on exactly who you most want to help.

If you’re stuck on this, try my client avatar exercise here.

Once you’ve committed to a tight market segment, you can ask them questions—or listen in at their digital watering holes—to understand exactly what they’re looking for.

Define your point of view and unique voice. Authority means you’ve got a point of view, a way of looking at the world that incorporates your expertise.

And since you’re not a robot, you discover unique ways to share that wisdom that mesh your personality with the transformations you deliver to your audience.

That practice becomes your voice—how you interact publicly and even privately with your core audience. (Hint: that voice shouldn’t sound like anyone else in your space, which is yet another “secret” to selling expertise.)

The trick is building that voice into every step of your sales process—aligning your marketing and branding with your selling.

Keep pollinating. While we know that consistent publishing is the hallmark of authority and a way to pre-sell your prospects, publishing alone isn’t enough to sell you.

Pollinating—especially when you’re selling high end B2B services—means engaging others and building actual relationships.

Imagine having a sales conversation where it becomes very clear you’re not the right solution for your candidate right now. Pollinating means still being helpful (like referring them to a better-fit option or giving them advice to get to the ready stage) because you’re building a relationship.

Selling expertise is one giant pollination drive: the more of your ideal people who internalize your teachings and pass them on, the easier the next sale.

Once you know who you’re serving, your core belief system and voice to deliver your message, you can optimize your selling process to fit.

Then your job becomes simple: Stay. The. Course.

Because selling your expertise naturally (which is code for highly successful) requires consistency.

The kind where it’s so built into your DNA and every process you follow that you couldn’t escape it if you tried.

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