The Perfect Gift

It’s that time of year again. One brief pause before the rush of the holiday season begins in earnest. One brief pause before you begin that search for the perfect gift(s).

In this brief respite, what if we simply decided to be grateful? To enjoy what we have, instead of lamenting over what we don’t.

It is simple. It costs nothing. It spreads like wildfire.

Try it. Maybe you offer up a smile to the waitress dealing with a rude customer—how much more enjoyable is your work? Or you make an introduction for a new graduate in your field—remember when you were just starting out? Perhaps you lend an ear to a friend who needs solace—haven’t you been in his/her shoes?

Most times your gesture will not only be warmly received, but your generous spirit will be passed on. It could even be a life-changer—a literal lifeline at the exact right moment in time. Added bonus? Every time you make a gesture fueled by gratitude, you feel even better.

Gratitude. The gift that keeps on giving.


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