The Jam Master

You’ve most likely read about the jam experiment, circa 2000. (Take a look here for the original research). The upshot: 30% of shoppers presented with “limited” choice–6 jams–bought. Only 3% of those offered “extensive” choice– 24–made purchases.

You do the math: how much more compelling is selling to 30% vs 3% of your audience?

Try giving your clients and prospects fewer choices. Start with one clear thing to remember you for (hint: it probably won’t be your brainpower but how you make them feel.

Add a couple of “triggers” so they know when to call you. And when they do call? Make it easy. Avoid offering “extensive” choice.

Remember: you’re selling jam.

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  • Sage advice. I have found that the concept of one stop shopping de-values the real work product. I was in a meeting once where one participant stated “Big or small…we do it all”. It reminded me that we all have core skills or services at which we are the master and it is upon those that our reputations and brand are built. Casting such a broad net cannot help but have others asking really?? Everything?

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