Your Authority Business And Revenue Model

  • Category: Running Your Business

You’ve probably experimented with different business and/or revenue models as you keep building authority.

You may have started with a traditional fee-for-service model and then gradually added other pricing options, perhaps then expanding to workshops, speaking, courses, books and the like.

Or you might have decided to build a firm where a chunk of your revenue comes from leveraging the work of others.

But here’s the thing.

Business and revenue models often require tinkering and sometimes even downright overhaul.

And while you probably review your monthly financials routinely, how often are you sitting down to do a serious think on where your financial and strategic trend lines are likely to go?

I recommend a quarterly review, even when things are rolling along smoothly—some clients even take a day away every three months or so just to focus on strategic thinking for their business.

You can still make time yet this year to position yourself firmly for 2021—or even beyond.

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