Trading Cash For Speed

  • Category: Authority MindsetRunning Your Business

We start businesses, write books and give speeches because we have transformations to make—and we have something to say.

So why do we spin our wheels for days, months—even years—trying to do things ourselves when finding the right partner could move us ahead at warp speed?

Sometimes it’s because we’re worried about spending money on something we “should” be able to do for ourselves.

Other times we do things—things we actively dislike—as an excuse to avoid doing what really matters to our business. Not because we want to consciously, but because the thought of going big scares us on some level.

That’s when it’s worth trading cash for speed—when it’s time to say yes to something bigger.

Spend some coin—maybe even some serious coin—on the right stuff.

Think of it as an investment. As giving yourself permission to grow faster AND love more of what you do.

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