You Are Your Platform

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No matter where you look, someone is telling you the importance of building your platform. Developing a following. Attracting an audience of believers in your work.

They are correct.

Having the right platform gives you a stage to share your authority: your ideas, your work, your message. And it allows you to grow your big idea beyond what you could ever accomplish alone.

But here’s what the pundits forget: you are the platform.

Every move you make, every conversation, every sound bite, builds a piece of your platform.

It isn’t (just) about the numbers. It’s about visceral connections to the right people. It’s about creating your tribe—on-line and off.

It’s about being faithful to your belief system and generous with your audience. It’s about believing in the deepest part of yourself that what you’re doing matters.

Because building your authority platform doesn’t have to be all about the big moves—just those that align with who you are and who you serve.

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