Moving Past “Normal”

  • Category: Authority Mindset

It’s tough to stand out with “normal”.

Our fast-paced culture has trained us to ignore it. Instead, we search out the new. The different. The un-normal.

So standing out takes cajones. It means taking risks. It means you’re gonna feel quaky in your bones some days.

But do it anyway.

In case you need a little nudge, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Publish an unexpected—maybe even shocking—blog post or article.

Create a piece of “art” and put it out there (a photograph, a new design, a point of view).

Pitch a client who is a total and complete stretch for you, but makes you quiver with excitement.

Take on the big kahuna in your industry with a thoughtful, compelling—opposite—point of view.

Ditch the website speak that sounds like everyone else in favor of your own unique, fresh voice.

Tell yourself normal is for sissies.

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