Winning Your Freedom

  • Category: Authority Mindset

When you’re serving clients—even as an independent consultant or advisor—it can be hard to feel truly free.

Because while you can fire clients that aren’t a good fit, you still must serve those you keep.

And depending on your business model, that might mean occasionally twisting yourself into a pretzel to meet their challenges.

You’re free to say no (a vast improvement over traditional employment), but you aren’t free in a larger sense.

That’s why building authority is so attractive.

The more market authority you build, the more freedom you have to focus on only those parts of your work that speak to you.

Maybe you keep serving a handful of clients in the more traditional sense because that’s what you love.

Or maybe you slide into the consultant/speaker/author space.

The point is this: the more authority you build, the more freedom you have.

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