How To Tune Into The Frequency Of Your Best People

  • Category: Tribe Building

Every tribe has a frequency—a set of wants, needs, behaviors, standards and expectations—that you must tune into to build real impact, influence and leadership.

YOU also have a frequency—what you believe, how you operate your business and build authority, and who you most want to serve.

Your goal then is to match up your frequencies so each party feels like they’ve found their ideal.

So when you think about your best tribe (or the existing ones you want to break into), try filling in a few options to this statement:

“People like us­­­­­­­­­­_______________________.”

Let’s say your people are running marketing at big consumer brands, but they want to be constantly innovating ahead of their top competitors. They might say:

“People like us are leading the pack—no one else is doing exactly what we are.”

“People like us are willing to take big risks for big rewards.”

“People like us move fast and are impatient to see results.”

“People like us value outcomes more than loyalty.”

What does it mean for your marketing, your branding and your authority?

Tuning into their frequency means you’d better be at least one step—preferably several—ahead of what’s happening in their marketplace.

You’d need to move fast, define risk reward tradeoff scenarios and stay hyper-focused on outcomes because if they’re not happy quickly, they’re moving on.

Your client list and stories would need to read like a who’s who of your tribe’s shortlist of admired companies. You’d need to be a recognized authority (including a seal of approval by their most valued peers).

But maybe you’re in the earlier stages of growing your audience. Perhaps you find yourself tapping into communities built by others—experimenting to see if your big idea has legs there.

You’ll want to listen well before speaking.

Because every tribe has a set of spoken and unspoken expectations—a sort of shorthand for being successful in the group.

The thing is, it’s not hard to pick up in advance of presenting yourself and your ideas. Read their content (especially commentary), listen to podcast episodes, do your homework.

And don’t be afraid to decline an invitation if your research is screaming that they don’t feel like your people.

But if you think there may be some crossover, give it a go.

Write that guest post or go on their show, keeping the essence of your brand—your special sauce—intact. You’ll find out pretty quickly whether or not there’s a match.

The beauty part? You don’t have to match with all of them or even most of them. Sometimes all you need are a few kindred spirits to come your way.

Tuning into your best people is a process, not a one-and-done.

Keep experimenting—because times change, tribes change and new ideas and authorities keep emerging.

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