Why You Need Sound Bites

  • Category: Media

A critical part of building authority is the steady drip, drip, drip of on-point content.

When you’re writing or producing it yourself, it’s not so hard to stay on theme.

But when you’re being interviewed, that can get a bit more challenging since you’ve got to roll with your host. The solution? Sound bites.

Think of them as short phrases that encapsulate your point of view. A set of bullet points to keep you on track, especially if the interview is a longer-form one where it’s easy to slink down a rabbit hole.

If you want to be a truly stellar interview, vary the sound bites (while staying on theme) based on what you’ve learned about your interviewer’s audience from studying their material.

Some thoughtful sound bite preparation pays off in two ways: your interviewer looks great to their audience and the joint asset you create will keep telling your story.