When Big Media Isn’t Listening

  • Category: Media

Right now, trying to get a traditional journalist’s attention is almost impossible if you can’t slant your pitch to COVID-19 (or, in the U.S., toward the current protests).

It’s a fact of life that journalists are always looking for interesting stories on hot topics—but that gets magnified when the story of the century (or at least a generation) is constantly unfolding.

In a counter-intuitive way, this is actually an excellent time to do media outreach—provided you search out those niche outlets, bloggers and industry sites that are hungry for your expertise.

These are the folks that may well have a specialized audience that is continuing to invest in learning beyond the headlines. They are just as anxious for content to feed their beast and they aren’t looking to cover the same stories as the big outlets.

They are ripe for an alliance with you.

Whether that’s contributed content, an interview or just a side helping of background for a story, you have an opportunity to make inroads while your peers are sitting on the sidelines.

Why not use this time to rustle up some new media allies?