What Will You Measure?

  • Category: PodcastTribe Building

“Joe” was getting ready to drop the first handful of episodes for his new podcast. Everything was moving along smoothly until a few days before the drop, when his producer recommended getting 50 positive reviews on itunes in the first week to ensure a healthy kick-off.

Now Joe was committed to distributing and promoting the podcast. He’d put a TON of effort into getting some great early guests, working on his hosting skills and was excited to take to social media and drum up some interest.

Joe was ready.

But now (perhaps unintentionally) the idea has been implanted that without 50 early reviews, he—and his podcast—are doomed.

Luckily, Joe sought a second opinion and realized that it IS a good idea to socialize the podcast early with his friends and colleagues. And to ask them for a review if they like what they hear.

But that there is no magic to 50 reviews—or 100 or 1,000.

The important thing here isn’t vanity metrics but to help his podcast find the right audience and stay tightly dialed into them.

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