Using Your Edge

  • Category: Content

Your edge: it’s what your slice of the marketplace values most about working with you.

It’s why clients hire you and your tribe refers you.

You might figure your expertise is your edge. You’re a top sales compensation guru. The wizard of SAP implementations. An authority on partnership tax rules.

But even if you’re a genius in your field, your edge is not your expertise.

It’s how you do what you do. Not your methodology but your humanology.

What’s your client experiencing from you as you’re midwifing their transformations?

Whether you make them laugh or ensure every team member feels heard and valued, you’ve got a personal edge that your people respond to.

So use it.

Let it ooze into your marketing and media. Drip it into your writing and content.

The more your audience gets to feel, see and touch how you operate, the faster they can make a decision to move closer or get the hell out of Dodge.