Capturing The Key Pieces Of Your Authority Content

  • Category: Content

When you’re developing content—writing or podcasting or making videos—often, it’s a little too easy to lose track of your best content.

We are so focused on creating new stuff that we forget about the gems we’ve already amassed.

I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the “aha” moments when my clients have dived into re-reading old blog posts (“I’d forgotten about that piece—that’s exactly how I need to frame that issue”).

While trolling back through reams of your old content may not sound scintillating, there’s a reason you want to at least cross-reference your content from now forward.

You’re building authority.

And one way to do that is to keep adding meat to your point of view. To keep connecting new pieces with your old and allowing your audience to learn from the evolution or simply to dig as deep into related content as they wish.

Simple example: You write today about an aspect of your cornerstone content—let’s say it’s how to get software development teams to work better together for faster launches.

Wouldn’t your piece be even more valuable with a link to an earlier piece about the XYZ Team and how they turned around their dysfunctional team? Or to a video where you interview a team leader talking about their big success or resounding failure?

If you keep track of your content, these sort of links can become almost automatic.

One way to organize is to think of your content in tracks. You probably have 3-4 big-picture things you write about pretty consistently.

If all you do is keep a single list—by track—of all your titles (with a link to the post itself), you’ll have everything you need in one place to quickly find related pieces.

If you want to get fancy, add keywords (those that your audience searches for) to each title for even more specificity.

It’s easy to add to your workflow and update as you add new content (or hand it off to your VA). You might even be inspired to go back and resurrect some of your very best bits.