Taking A Pass

  • Category: Authority MindsetRunning Your Business

I was working with a new client who was sorely tempted to add a not-great-fit client to her roster.

Key on her list of “pros” were the revenue the project would bring in and that she’d be booked through mid-2021 (looking for new clients was not her favorite activity).

But she wasn’t especially attuned to their mission or vision. In fact, one could easily argue she was way overqualified to even think about this particular engagement.

And yet it was tempting, because she wasn’t fully busy and didn’t have another project waiting in the wings.

This was a very good time to say no.

She didn’t require the revenue to survive. It wasn’t going to add anything appreciable to her body of work. And the time that would free up would be available for a great-fit client.

Or an investment in the long-term growth of her business: a productized service, a book, a podcast, a course.

Sometimes you just have to take a pass and invest in yourself instead…

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