Radio Bob

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Last night my husband and I had dinner with his old advertising pal “Radio Bob”.

I’d never met him before (I’d heard a few stories)—and he definitely didn’t disappoint.

Turns out, Radio Bob is now a world-renowned expert on radio ad production.

After a string of solo successes early in his career, he joined e a large agency where the Creative Director christened him Radio Bob. Bob still sends him a bottle of tequila every year at Christmas for reasons that will be obvious in a sec.

Radio Bob spent ten years there, working with a slew of national, big name accounts. And when radio fell out of favor in the ad world, he went back to freelancing, creating his own solo company.

But guess what? Just because the ad agencies weren’t interested in radio, didn’t mean there wasn’t a role for someone who knew audio production. Those same big clients now came directly to him since the expertise no longer existed in their agencies.

My favorite story was when his first client told him he didn’t have enough zeros on his price. So he added first one and then two zeros—and the client happily paid the bill.

Radio Bob kept growing his expertise—he started doing voice-over productions and then when podcasts hit, guess who was in even more demand?

By the time I finally met Radio Bob, he was happily ensconced in his new home in a creative community with his equally contented wife, working virtually across the planet (he’d just found his newest voice actor in New Zealand).

Talent, a roll-off-the-tongue brand name and deep, dedicated focus built plenty of authority for Radio Bob that turned into a terrific career and extraordinary life.

What do you love so much you’d even make it part of your name?