Is There A Silver Bullet To Accelerate Your Authority Brand?

  • Category: Brand + Branding

On a group call, we were discussing how to build personal authority brands—for yourself, not for your firm—when someone asked if there was a silver bullet to accelerate their progress.

Great question, right?

Unfortunately, I had to tell him there isn’t one.

That the closest thing to a seemingly magical solution is when you tweak—or sometimes overhaul—the planks of your brand so that they fall into alignment.

Yeah, not a very sexy answer.

But when you find those one or two things that are out of alignment—and you fix them—the outcome does rather feel like a silver bullet.

The trick is to look from outside the bottle (vs. our usual perch inside) to figure out what’s not lining up.

Begin wherever you see friction between you and your ideal audience—when you have to explain anything multiple times until they “get it”, you’ve got some work to do.

Start there…

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