Making A Summer Slump Work For You

  • Category: Running Your Business

If you’re experiencing some quieter interludes this COVID summer, now is the perfect time to ensure you’re ready for the 100-day sprint that’s coming up.

I like to start with a strategic look at how the year has shaped up so far, starting with your numbers—by client, by service and by product:

How does your revenue—in total and by segment—compare to last year and the year before?

How vulnerable is it—would you be in serious trouble if a key client bailed or a competitive move derailed your pricing?

Then, analyze your service and product mix:

How much of what you’re doing is deeply interesting to you? Which project types, work or clients have you outgrown?

What have you learned that has strengthened your expertise and warrants a deeper look at what/how you deliver, to whom and at what price tags?

How much of your revenue depends on services you provide yourself vs. leveraged services and products? Be honest—are you operating as a freelancer or a business owner? Which better meets your vision?

How can you “harden” your services and products to avoid big revenue swings while building the consistent growth that permits confident investing in your future?

What changes in your service and product mix will allow you to do more of what you love while building repeatable revenue and a sustainable business?

And let’s not forget how you feel when you look at your client list:

Does the thought of taking them into 2021 with you make you smile or grimace?

What would it take for you to jettison the bad fits to make room for more of your sweet-spots?

Think of these questions as a starting point to get you dialed into what’s working, what’s not and what else you might need to consider to get your business aligned with where you want to take it next.

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