What Are Your Top Three Needle-Movers?

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What are the top three things you do that deliver the highest, best outcomes in your authority business?

Think about the actions that drive relationships and sales and contribute mightily to your bottom line.

Take a quick few minutes and jot some down. Not sure? Here’s a laundry list of actions that frequently build authority and drive revenue:


Articles (blog posts, white papers, guest posts)

Emails (including sales sequences)

Books and longer-form content





Events—live or virtual



Membership groups

New business conversations with potential clients/influencers in your sweet-spot

Email list building

Guesting on other platforms

Building a (focused) social media presence on 1-2 platforms

Now here’s the question: are you spending enough time on your top three vs. the other “urgent” (but not necessarily important) actions rising to the top of your daily to-do list?

Getting clear on your top three needle-movers will help you hyper-focus your attention on what truly matters.