How You Package And Present Your Message Makes A Difference

  • Category: Website

How you package and present your message isn’t everything (it won’t make a sucky idea better for example), but it does matter.

Think of it like this: Compelling idea + aligned packaging = greater probability your ideal audience pays attention.

There’s no universal objective standard for great visuals: you just want them to align with your brand, your target audience and your message.

Case in point is my podcast co-host Jonathan Stark. His site is stark (pun intended) with few visuals. But it aligns with his no-BS style and his audience of practical software developers.

Contrast that with Jill Konrath’s colorful and image-packed site. Different audience, different message but both true to their brand.

Websites (and book covers) are the big, public touch points.

But you can make an indelible impression with the small ones too.

Your email signature. Client holiday gifts. The handwritten thank you notes.

What packaging experiences will help drive your big idea home to your ideal audience?