Bad Choices Make For Good Stories

  • Category: Point of View

Take a moment and recall the most bone-headed move you’ve made in business.

Got it?

That just might be the perfect story to trot out when you’re consulting, coaching or even selling.

Better still—if you’re like most of us, you’ve got more than one.

Because not only do those stories make you relatable, but they may be the hard knocks you’re trying to prevent for your client.

The time you thought X would work perfectly, but then Y happened in your marketplace and you had to scramble to make a new plan (which is why you always now anticipate the impact of a Y-style event).

When some “higher authority” critiqued your thinking mercilessly and you wound up learning something that changed the course of your expertise.

The thing is, even your most cringe-worthy moves have value.

Bad choices can make the BEST stories.