Breaking Into A New Specialty

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Breaking Into A New Specialty

As you continually develop your craft and your business, there will be opportunities to break into new specialties.

Jonathan and I explore the why’s and how’s of breaking into a new specialty, including the mindset shift that comes along with it:

How to know when you’re ripe for starting a new specialty.

Overcoming the challenges of changing your identity—how you see yourself in your business.

Questions to ask yourself for clues to defining a new specialty direction.

Recognizing when clients are actually pointing the way to a new specialty.

How to tell a connected story to your buyers as you enter a new specialty.


“The people that make the transition successfully are the ones that don’t get too attached to their role.”—RM

“The first trick is being open to the identity shift.”—JS

“The second hard thing is just recognizing the opportunity—even if you’re looking for it, it can be hard to identify.” —JS

“The key is to connect the new thing that you’re doing to the old thing you did—in your mind and most importantly your buyer’s mind.”—RM