Finding Your Throughline

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I was on one of those calls—I’m sure you have them too—with a connection made via social media.

It wasn’t a potential client, but maybe a future alliance partner of some sort. The idea was to share a half hour seeing if we might be good fits to help each other.

What was interesting about this particular conversation was that we were both actively listening for the throughline—the connecting theme in the other’s story arc—that resonated with us.

When I finished my “story” (how I got to what I’m doing now), he immediately connected the dots and told me how he saw it.

His story prompted a similar response—I could see the throughline in his career and seized on it as a way to understand his business mission and motivation.

My point is this: that almost the second we each saw the other’s throughline, we connected viscerally. We recognized someone who is in synch with our vision.

Now finding that throughline is no small feat—but it is the linchpin that will cement your story. That ensures the right audience hears it, takes it in and connects with you.

You may have to keep iterating your story until you hit on the throughline—but isn’t it worth tinkering with it until you uncover what just might feel like catnip to your ideal audience?

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