When You’ve Got To Blow Up The Box

  • Category: Running Your Business

There are times—and 2020 may be one of them for you—when what used to work no longer does.

And you just have to blow up the box.

It might not mean a 100% rethink on everything, but a fundamental shift in aspects of your strategy, such as your:

Client mix (maybe you FINALLY let that whale client turn into a smaller fish).

Target audience (a full 180 or just doubling down on one particular segment of your tribe).

Alliance partners (they’ve started to move too deeply into your space or orbit too far away to be valuable).

Service and product mix (what do you need to build a sustainable business serving your ideal base?).

Email marketing and marketing funnel (maybe your targets are ideal, but your message delivery isn’t working).

Social media platforms (which will you invest in and how will you play in the space?).

Sometimes, the right next move isn’t a tweak, but a full on overhaul of what isn’t working. And now may be an excellent time to do that.

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