Creating Your Own Ecosystem

  • Category: Authority Mindset

Pinewood—a British film studio—opened a production facility outside Atlanta as an alternative to the traditional Hollywood approach.

The idea?

To have everything productions need within spitting distance vs. the geographically spread out approach that is the norm in greater LA.

After considerable success with big budget productions, they needed closer living quarters and decided to create a town (you can read more about that here).

Of course planning a town sparked all sorts of questions and decisions, but here’s what’s so fascinating.

It’s not so different from building your authority.

You start with a big idea and then you get some success building your business. As it grows, you realize you’ve actually built a community.

Eventually you start thinking about what’s next for you all and inevitably, you wind up building your own ecosystem.

OK, so maybe you’re not building actual houses, but you are giving your people a metaphorical place to live, to think, to dream and to belong.

It is not an inconsequential thing. So why not start planning and building that ecosystem right from the beginning?

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