Startup Parent With Sarah K. Peck

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When Jonathan and I got off our podcast interview with Sarah K. Peck, we both had the same visceral reaction—this woman is a powerhouse.

Join us here as we talk about her brainchild Startup Parent, how to build an authority business from a thrillingly gigantic big idea and the role of connection and community building in the process:

The birth of Startup Pregnant (which led to Startup Parent) via a book proposal that led to a podcast that led to a business.

Turning a podcast into a money-making endeavor on your terms (hint: pitching people you know with a compelling story).

The power of connecting one-to-one vs. one-to-many—and how to build it into your routine without interrupting your flow.

The deep need for community among parents as the nature of work changes, society and parenting norms evolve and the pandemic creates new pressure on mothers especially.

Getting paid to do research as a way to fund your mission.​

Listen in here.